​​​​We are honored by the support our campaign received in my attempt to become the U.S. Representative to Congress in Arizona's 1st District in 2016. We have officially announced my candidacy for the 2018 race.

​Please sign our petition to be on the primary ballot in 2018 

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Just a few of the issues I will focus on for the 2018 Campaign....

          *   A Reformed MediCare for all. More comprehensive, publicly funded without out of pocket costs

          *   Protecting and Expanding Social Security

          *   Ending the endless wars...Supporting our great troops does not require sending them to war

          *   The reinvention of our entire education system....Including free access to college for all

          *   Instituting term limits....Sorry, But it is time to turn over the entire Congress and Senate


​A Modern, Progressive, Green Party "Alliance" Candidate working with Arizona's Independent Voters

to put an end to the Two Party System​. Have faith.....Long Cat is Soooo Long!

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        Our 2018 Campaign

Ray Parrish for U.S. Representative to Congress in Arizona District One in 2018