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After a lifetime in private business doing everything from bricks and mortar retail to manufacturing and music to private trust fund management, consulting and publishing, it's time to put that experience to work in public service.

I have wanted to get involved in public service for years and there was no better time then 2018. With the 2016 campaign over I have now declared my candidacy for the 2018 primaries and look forward to the petition process that will put us on the ballot as your Green Party Candidate. We will also be aggressively signing up new progressive voters in Arizona's 1st District. If you are not registered please do so now, the deadline is July 30th, 2018.

It will only take a few clicks at the State Motor Vehicle Division Service Arizona website......Just Click Here

Who is Ray Parrish and why is he Running for Congress?

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Ray Parrish for U.S. Representative to Congress in Arizona District One in 2018