Over the next 20-30 years I see automation taking nearly all jobs, and life as we know it cannot survive that. This is why I advocate for a universal basic income. One that replaces welfare, Social Security, and all health services. As automation and technology  replaces humans in most simple jobs [something we should all welcome] I see inequality growing and an even larger mismanaged and overwhelmed welfare system than we have now. If the system doesn’t give back enough to citizens as automation takes most jobs we will have out of control civil unrest and revolution occurring in our streets and cities.

Here are some tentative plans and details we have put together showing how a basic universal income system is easily affordable. These are only rough estimates since details for programs and age groups etc. mentioned here change continually. We propose the basic universal income program is paid to every U.S. citizen with a social security number who is either 21 years old or a current college student 18 years of age or older.

Ray Parrish for U.S. Representative to Congress in Arizona District One in 2018

Universal Income [UBI] Facts and Viability

Total U.S. Citizens 21 Years of Age or Older        196,899,193  [2010 US Census]

    Using $1,000 as our monthly figure....Total Paid Per Year > $2,362,790,316,000.00

​                                                          Or 2.3 Trillion Dollars

Here is Our Proposed Funding Sources

Elimination of the Federal Food Stamp Program               Savings      $74.1 Billion

Elimination of the Unemployment Program                         Savings      $45.4 Billion

​50% Reduction in Military Spending                                          Savings      $400 Billion

Elimination of Earned Income Credit                                         Savings      $60-$69 Billion

Reduce Interest Rate on National Debt to 0.5%                 Savings      $178 Billion

Move Non-disabled SSI Recipients to UBI                              Savings                N/A

Sources of Income That Cannot Be Reliably Predicted

Automated Equipment Taxation

​We need to send public servants [formerly know as leaders] to Washington that will reform the equipment taxation on automated equipment used by corporate America and demand the same from our trading partners abroad. We should welcome the lose of jobs to automation as long as the equipment is properly taxed to pay into the UBI system. Humans should be freed up to be creative and productive in much more important ways. That includes spending most of their time with their families.

Increase Taxation on All Natural Resources

​I am pro business and believe that risk takers should be rewarded but not at the cost of our entire society not having a share in all resources that come from our planet. All citizens deserve a "dividend" on mining and oil harvesting and that can be done through the UBI program. Our neighbors in Europe [especially Norway] have found a way to afford health care, educational etc. through these means...so can we.